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PROGRAMME s.a.r.l.
Yves Dessuant


PROGRAMME is a French s.a.r.l. (limited liability company), founded in 1990 by Yves Dessuant, architectural programmer, who was initially trained as an architect. The company's goal is to improve the research and decision-making process prior to beginning the design of a building project by structuring the first stages of definition of the scope of work to be done, before any actions linked to the design, construction or operation of the building(s).

Our main programming activity is to assist the client owner in defining their objectives, expressing their requirements/demands and in selecting the designer/architect; to assist the architect/designer in the interpretation of the programme, organization of dialogues between the various partners involved in the project to build, renovate or equip a building (client owner, client-users, facility managers, architect and engineering team, contractors).

Our operating activities take their roots and extend through to research and education. Yves Dessuant teaches architectural programming at several higher learning institutions (architecture schools, programming courses at the IPAA, International Conservatory for Parks, Gardens and Landscaping, post graduate programmes,

From 1998 to 2004 he was President of the Institute for Architectural and Building Programming (IPAA, co-founded by the French Architects Society, Inter-ministerial Mission for Quality of Public Buildings, Association of Architects and Contracting Owners, and Professional Structures) whose mission was the development of architectural programming among public and private contracting owners.

Our approach is widely developed in France within the framework of laws regulating the field of architecture and construction. We also have undertaken a number of programming projects abroad (Belgium, Brazil, China, Germany, Morocco, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, USA, Vietnam).